My husband and I made the decision to sell our starter home to pursue building our dream house. Before placing our house on the market, we fell in love with the floor plan and building quality of a spec home in Hillside Heights. That same day, I contacted the REALTOR®, Heidi Hitt, who informed me that her husband, Jimmy Hitt, built the spec house. Before starting the building process, Jimmy informed me that Heidi Hitt was an amazing REALTOR® who could sell anything. He was spot on with his comment because she sold our house in two weeks during the holiday season! I sincerely mean it when I say that Jimmy and Heidi Hitt define excellence when it comes to selling properties and building your dream home.

Cristina Satterfield-Gibbons

Heidi made the experience of selling our home easy. As everyone knows it's a big step to make, usually filled with anxiety and indecision.
Not with Heidi. For every little thing that came up she had an answer, or shared options, helping us to easily and quickly make decisions. She was honest and knowledgable in her assessment of values and conditions associated with selling real estate.
Our home was under contract in five days. We closed in 28 days after putting the sign in the yard. There were seven other homes for sales in our neighborhood at the time.
The closing went without a hitch, I think it may have taken an hour.
Heidi's professionalism and commitment are unmatched as far as I'm concerned.
Jimmy and Heidi also built our new home, and that experience was also exceptional.
All I've ever heard from other people about their home building experience was bad, bad, bad.
This is the fifth home I've owned in my life and the first I've ever built.
First off I'll say that Jimmy and Heidi both fall in love with every home they build!
The attention to detail was spot on great, the knowledge of home construction by Jimmy is also spot on!
We love our new home and found the building experience to be just fine.
If I ever sell out here, I guarantee Heidi well sell this one and Jimmy will build my next.
But I like this home so much, I don't think I'll ever leave it.

Thanks Jimmy and Heidi.
David and Emily LaForce
Happy customers!😄

I came to know Heidi Hitt through a work reference. Upon meeting her and having a business lunch with her, I was immediately drawn to the fire she had inside of her when it came to her real-estate business. She admittedly had not been in real estate but for a few years but had already achieved many honors, such as Rookie of the Year, and her listings and closings spoke for themselves. 
My husband and I had my starter home on the market earlier that year, but a lack of interest and feedback from our realtor led me to take it off the market after four months of it just sitting there, and me trying to keep it clean for showings. We thought the timing was bad, the market was bad, etc., but while eating lunch with Heidi that day, I felt compelled to ask her to come by our home and give me her input as to what the basic minimum was that we could do to the house to get it sold, because we had already invested about $10k in updates over the previous year. Heidi came prepared with comps and advice, and in just a few days, we listed it at a price we were happy with, and in ten days had two offers on it, both of which were fair. We closed about a month later and moved into an apartment to begin the next phase of our lives – building our forever home. I could not have been more excited or pleased with the effort that Heidi took to sell our home FAST and FAIR.
As fate would have it, she and her husband, Jimmy, of Hitt Properties, were in our future more than we had planned. She had put a bug in my ear that her husband was a builder, and Scott and I went to see one of his homes on the Parade of Homes, as a show of support for what a great realtor she was to us. But we had other plans for building. Or so we thought. 
In the bottom of the ninth, when other plans fell through, and we were frustrated and disappointed, I picked up the phone and called Heidi to see when she and Jimmy could meet us to talk about house plans. They made themselves available to us that very day, and when Jimmy walked in, I think my husband heard the angels sing (mostly because Jimmy wore the same work jeans and work boots and Scott could tell he was going to really like this guy). Jimmy was to the point, efficient in communicating with his contractors, but with ideas of his own, and an assurance that we were going to get the house of our dreams. And within a very short timeframe, we had house plans, and were breaking ground on our future home site.
During the construction of our home, Jimmy and Heidi provided such great insight, and as much as I’d like to take credit for some of the unique features of our house, those were Jimmy Hitt’s ideas. All of his crews were professional, and the quality of their work was amazing. My dad, who was a brick-layer and craftsman for forty-plus years was the on-site foreman (sadly not on Jimmy’s payroll – he just happens to live next door and made a habit of daily visiting the work site), was astounded by the craftsmanship of the construction of our house. For anyone that knows him, that was quite a good review from a very particular man. Scott’s dad said the same thing. They both marveled at the amount of wood put into the framing. According to these two men of a different generation, “They just don’t build houses like this anymore.” Well, lucky us.
Thanks to hard work and good weather, we were in the house in four months. We couldn’t be happier and having just celebrated a year in our forever home, we still just thank God that He put Heidi and then Jimmy in our paths and that we have such a beautiful home, and new friends. Working with either or both of the Hitts in any combination is a blessing. They are both gifted in what they do, how they communicate with their clients and what they offer as the final outcome, be it a sell, a buy, or a brand new home, courtesy of their own construction. Clearly, I would recommend either one or both of them as they can fulfill whatever your real-estate needs may be.

Cindy and Scott Harrison

My husband and I purchased a home built by Hitt Properties and had an amazing experience working with Jimmy and wife, REALTOR® Heidi Hitt. Jimmy goes above and beyond to meet all his customers’ expectations. He is very particular about his work and makes sure everything is done above standards. He pays very close attention to the detail of the home, making it unique from all the other homes. Even after the process of purchasing the home is over, Jimmy still maintains a relationship with his customers making sure they are still satisfied. Though it’s been a few years since we purchased, he is still prompt to answering any questions we may have. We highly recommend Hitt Properties if you are interested in building your dream home! Both Jimmy and Heidi are fun, energetic, easy going people to work with! You won't regret working with Hitt Properties!

The Pannell Family

For two years, my husband and I contemplated building a custom home on our 10-acre piece of Paradise. We visited many Builder’s Association Parade of Homes in search of design ideas, quality construction, and value pricing. On an open house visit in Hillside Heights, we toured a home built by Jimmy and Heidi Hitt, owners of Hitt Properties. We weren’t just impressed with the quality of materials used in construction or the appearance of the property, we fell in love with Jimmy. Following the open house tour, we took Jimmy to tour our property to discuss plans we had for possibly building our custom home. Upon first meeting Jimmy and Heidi, we found them willing to listen to our needs as well as offersuggestions we might consider in the building process. We were certain at this point that we had made the right decision in selecting our builder.
Jimmy is an organized and hands on builder. You will always find Jimmy at the job site either checking the progress and the quality of the workmanship, or he’s doing the work himself. The process was amazing. We saw our wants and needs go from paper to a real house for our family. Jimmy takes pride in his work and believes his homes are a reflection of his abilities as a builder. He will build your house just as if he were building his own.
We couldn't be happier with the way our building process transpired. Many people say that building a home can be one of the most stressful things that they have ever done, but we can honestly say that we enjoyed the process and have made great friends along the way. Jimmy is a very "hands-on" builder who gives tremendous attention to detail. We highly recommend Hitt Properties to anyone.

Bryan and Wendy Baird